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Aveen Alkhatib (left), sister of Weesam (middle) and Shwan at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in 2006.

Aveen Alkhatib (left), sister of Weesam (middle) and Shwan at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in 2006.


Shwan "Fatty" alkhatib

There are few places Shwan ventured where he did not leave a lasting impression. Whether it was in person or online (under his pseudonyms“fatty fat fat” “fatty4ksu” or “fatty”), Shwan “Fatty” Alkhatib had an enormous positive impact on his friends, family, and community.

“Fatty” was a fixture on K-State message boards for years as he carved out a niche as a true fanatic among fanatical Kansas State football and basketball fans. He was incredibly knowledgeable, but more importantly his wit and humor often made the more lasting impression. Shwan was one of the message board posters most responsible for bringing back the use of "EMAW" among K-Staters. Even beyond K-State fans, “Fatty” was known by fans around the Big 12 for his posts on their website and his antics at games.

In addition to message boarding, “Fatty” also loved making highlight videos on YouTube of K-State sports. Many of Shwan’s YouTube videos became widely known throughout the K-State community, but his most viewed and personal favorite, was his “Birth of Kansas State Football” which chronicles the depths of K-State’s historical irrelevance to Bill Snyder’s incredible turnaround as head coach of the Wildcats. The emotional crescendo of U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name” coincides with highlights and the achievements of Snyder’s best teams.

In K-State, Shwan found a reflection of his best self.  A plucky, noisy, underdog punching above its weight.  He reveled in this identity and it became intertwined with his own. Sports was the catalyst that so often linked Shwan to others, and his pride in Kansas State University was unparalleled.

Shwan was also dedicated to his family. In one of our last conversations, Shwan needled me to call my mother more sharing that he spoke to his parents daily.  He said:  "Do you know who your mother would be thrilled to hear from? You. It would absolutely make her day.” When his older brother Weesam got sick, Shwan was his brother's keeper.  Shwan dropped everything to move to California and take care of Weesam, a Kansas State graduate and a clinical instructor of surgery at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.

Weesam's illness prompted Shwan to make major changes in his life plans.  Shwan took the MCAT and was preparing to apply medical school when he died in his sleep in New York City while accompanying his brother to treatments.

Shwan passed away March 2, 2012.

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You know why else I want to win?
So good people can be happy. Just for a day.
Because good people deserve good things. Even if just for a day.
— Shwan "Fatty" Alkhatib